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January 1918: As the war enters its fifth and final year, the...


Throughout the First World War, the many announcements of British...

Gremlins And Masterdom – Britain’s Vietnam War

For most people, war in Vietnam means just one thing: the doomed US campaign of the 1960s and 70s. As Stuart Hadaway explains, there was a much earlier conflict involving the British and arising out of the post-war chaos in the region. Bizarrely, it also involved surrendered Japanese forces and aircraft in support of British operations.

Royal British Legion Scraps Support For Steam Locomotive

Oil Tanker Hauls Up Unwanted Surprise PLANS FOR a new steam...

The Lost Idol

Alexandra Churchill

The First World War took its terrible toll of lives regardless...

Alexandra Churchill

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On the Shelf Collectable Books

Four Wheels & Frontiers Author Roy Follows Publisher Ulric...

Trees of Life

words Tim Gosling pictures Archive

Tim Gosling examines the role of lumber in World War One and...

words Tim Gosling pictures Archive

Girl Power

Lieutenant Silje Johansen Willassen has become Norway’s Telemark...

News Briefs

Petro Poroshenko, president of Ukraine writes on his Face- Book...

Home and Away

words & pictures John Stelling

Museum of the Month North East Land, Sea & Air Museum ...

words & pictures John Stelling

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