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In-depth coverage of military history from the turn of the 20th century through to the present day.

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British officers raise £70,000 for charity

Two British soldiers, Lieutenant Colonel Dan Holloway and Captain...

Beaufighter boneyard

I very much enjoyed the August 2023 issue of BAW, and the dramatic...

Letter from lndan

Gerry van Tonder presents an eyewitness perspective of the little-known...

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EOD destroys Home Guard cache

Experts from 721 EOD Squadron, 11 EOD & Search Regiment, RLC,...

Omaka Aviation Herit age Centre

Collections Tom Baker flies out to New Zealand, to visit the...

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Japanese Self-Propelled Power

Craig Moore examines a very rare example of Japanese World War...


The Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) will hold its biggest...


words and pictures Craig Moore

A unique culinary-themed vehicle attracted much attention at...

words and pictures Craig Moore

COMBAT on Two Wheels!

words Gerry van Tonder

Gerry Van Tonder profiles the Rhodesian ‘Motorcycle Troop’,...

words Gerry van Tonder
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Favourite festivals floored by costs

Two popular themed festivals have been cancelled for 2024 with...

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