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In-depth coverage of military history from the turn of the 20th century through to the present day.

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PERSIA: 11 February: ‘Dunsterforce’ arrives at Hamadan and...


Situated on the most westerly point of County Mayo, in neutral...

A Plethora of Great War Tanks!

DESPITE HAVING first seen action the previous year at the battle...

The Sinking of Ark Royal

Despite the fact the Germans claimed to have sunk her on numerous occasions, even producing illustrations of her sinking after an air attack in the North Sea, the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal stayed very much afloat, playing a vital part in the Royal Navy’s war until late 1941. However, on 13 November that year, writes Alexander Nicoll, fate – and the Germans – finally caught up with her.

Luftwaffe Bomb Threatens Major Gas Pipeline

Two of the most commonly used bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe...

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Scouting for boys

John Norris gets reacquainted with the owner of a beautifully...

News Briefs

Abrams Superseded? The US Army admits the Abrams, which reigned...

Calendar Listings

Calendar May-December 2017 May 5 Chelmsford Militaria Fair...

Military moped

The diminutive Vespa scooter was an unlikely tank destroyer but...

War and Peace Revival

Evening entertainment tickets are now on sale. Tickets can be...

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