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WEAPONS OF WAR: Lewis Light Machine Gun

Rob Langham

Nicknamed ‘the Belgian Rattlesnake’ this American-designed machine gun...

Rob Langham

Battle of Elands River

Gerry van Tonder

When Boer generals surrounded 500 Dominion troops at a British staging post...

Gerry van Tonder
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Britain at War April 2020

Welcome to Britain at War April 2020

Bringing Them Home

Richard Halton

Richard Halton of the Medway Queen Preservation Society presents...

Richard Halton

Kamikaze Aircraft Goes on Show in London

A Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Model 11, a Japanese single-seat suicide...

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Japan’ Lightweight TANK

Mark Nash believes they were not given a fair assessment ...


Liam Preston

On a recent visit to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, I...

Liam Preston

Key agency celebrates milestone

Australia’s Land Engineering Agency celebrated its 80th birthday...

Images of War FV430 Series

Author Rob Griffin Publisher Pen and Sword Year 2019 ISBN...

Are you a Militourist?


Ever heard of a Militourist? Don’t worry if you haven’t,...


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