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In-depth coverage of military history from the turn of the 20th century through to the present day.

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Hover Force ‘Live Fire’ Experience

AT EASE If you have ever wanted to loose some lead with...

D-Day sapper soldiers on

Veteran George Batts, MBE, Ld’H, who lobbied for the building...

Operation Jubilee Dieppe, 1942: The Folly and the Sacrifice

Patrick Bishop

BOOK OF THE MONTH EVERYTHING you need to know about...

Patrick Bishop
Features Premium

Next Month

January 2022 Issue 177 Inside Your MagazineOn Sale December...

Field Post

YOUR VOICE'Britain at War' Magazine, PO Box 100, Stamford, Lincolnshire,...

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The Military History of the Bicycle

While the humble bicycle may not have such a glamorous wartime...

Old, Slow and Way More Cool

WORDS Vicky Turner

Vicky Turner finds out about a truck nicknamed the Fat Daf by...

WORDS Vicky Turner

One Quirky Ambulance

words Craig Moore

This rare Humber four-wheel drive ambulance, based on a 1938...

words Craig Moore

Family Entertainment

words and pictures Andrew Stone

Following a two-year break, Wicksteed at War returned in September....

words and pictures Andrew Stone

WWII Jeep that once belonged to Oscar winner sold

1943 Ford GPW H&H CLASSICSA 1943 Ford GPW once believed to have...

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