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In-depth coverage of military history from the turn of the 20th century through to the present day.

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CODED Commandments

NAVAL BIBLICISMSA curious practice encouraged Royal Navy officers...

“The Navy’s Here”

REPUTATIONSFamed for his command of HMS Cossack, Sir Philip Louis...


The Third Fighter RAF Fairwood Common, near Swansea, Wales, January...

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‘For Every Sailor Afloat, Every Soldier at the Front’

Peter Doyle

Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift, 1914 FOR the first...

Peter Doyle

Portsmouth boat nets explosive catch

ROYAL NAVY CROWN COPYRIGHTThe Royal Navy’s Southern Diving...

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A great success

words and pictures ToSavage

Toby Savage reports on another successful staging of the popular...

words and pictures ToSavage

Soviet Armour Graveyard

words Gerry van Tonder

Before the US and its allies gifted a massive weapons arsenal...

words Gerry van Tonder

THE Collector

Words and pictures George

George Blake discusses his hobby – collecting parts from classic...

Words and pictures George

Warrior finds new home at Tank Museum

News The Tank Museum recently received a Warrior 2 Infantry...

Panzers in Berlin 1945

On the Shelf New Books This is an astonishing pictorial...

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