Agent Zo



The Untold Story of Fearless W W2 Resistance Fighter Elż bieta Zawacka

Dangerous, passionate, powerful and secretive, the life of Polish resistance fighter Elżbieta Zawacka – aka Agent Zo or Zelma – has been revealed by a gold star historian with a talent for sparkling reportage. Incredibly, this story of this British-trained agent was suppressed for years following World War Two by the Soviet-backed regime in Zawacka‘s homeland. Award-winning author and biographer Clare Mulley reveals how Zawacka, a mathematics graduate, teacher and future professor, was the sole woman to join the SOE-affiliated, Polish Army-in-exile, special forces unit known as the Cichociemni or ‘Silent Unseen’.

Within the 20 chapters of this gripping story we discover that Zawacka, born in the Prussian Partition of Poland in 1909, risked her life as a courier by joining the covert branch of the Armia Krajowa (Home Army). Her work involved carrying letters and documents from Poland to the Polish governmentin-exile in London. This saw the spirited Zawacka travel across Germany, France and Spain to reach Gibraltar before being flown to London. Once in Britain she was based in the countryside at Audley End in Essex, and later became only woman to be parachuted into Nazi-occupied Poland. By 1943, the Gestapo had imprisoned her family, but Zawacka proved unstoppable in her revenge and she was hellbent on freeing her country from Nazi tyranny.

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