The Art of BodgiNg

How to make tanks tick on a shoestring budget

Based in South Wales, Tank School offers a variety of driving experiences for families

‘Tank School, based in Wales, is made up of a small team of amateur enthusiasts’

If you are precious about vehicle restorations, look away now. Unlike most military vehicle collections, where only the most experienced vehicle experts are permitted to touch the shiny iron giants of military history, Tank School, based in Wales, is made up of a small team of amateur enthusiasts.

We are all most certainly on a government watch list and, together, make up the IQ of an average human. These are important attributes in today’s climate of rare vehicle restorations, where acquiring parts can be difficult and expensive. Together, we do our best to cook up some neat little tricks to keep the fleet running in the absence of a magic money tree and available parts. 

Situated within the Usk valley, surrounded by the picturesque Welsh countryside, Tank School is an unassuming farm to the passer-by, but once past the gate, it becomes a compound of sheds, vehicles, hangars and even an airfield. With the range of vehicles we have, we are constantly busy coming up with innovative ways to keep them running.

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