From The Ashes

From The Ashes

Reconstruction of Flanders Fields


AFTER YEARS of being on the World War One front line, the villages, towns and landscapes of Flanders Fields in northern Europe were largely obliterated by the time the Armistice had been signed. Homes, farms, businesses, churches, schools, railways, shops and theatres – all gone.

How were communities re-built? The answer is available in a small but mighty new book, which reveals a remarkable story of a Phoenix-like rise to the former glories of the entire Westhoek region. It has been published to commemorate the centenary of the area’s recovery and serves too as a symbol of the indestructible spirit of the local population.

Publisher: 2020 FENIKS 


ISBN: 978-9-492-34655-1

Hardback: 128 pages

RRP: £9