Axis of Attack

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Callum Dickson tries out the heavy weaponry of three major Axis powers in War Thunder

The often-forgotten 40M Turán, with its basis in Czech armoured design taking to the field

Long-term readers may remember when I delved into Swedish armed vehicles. Curiously, I found that some of this nation’s available tanks were actually Finnish. Since then, I have checked out some of the other nations, and while some were expected, like the UK having access to Commonwealth armoured vehicles, others came as a shock – in particular the Kingdom of Hungary which came under the umbrella of Italy due to their position within the Axis partnership. So, this month I spent some more time playing and unlocked more tanks under the Italian tree, these being an Italian M12/42 and Lancia 3RO (100/17), a German Panzer III Ausf N, and a Hungarian Turán I. I was then able to compare them.

In the first game I was in a village in Normandy which had countryside on one side and beach on the other. I took the Turán out for a spin on the sand. It was fast and reasonably resilient against enemy fire. I was able to eliminate the first enemy I encountered but was knocked out in turn by an enemy Panzer IV, which was parked overlooking the beach. To counter this, I took the M12/42 into the grassland on the other side of the map. The strange desert camouflage did stand out, but I was able to capture a control point despite enemy fire. However, it was not able to eliminate enemy vehicles to the degree I had expected.


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