A Barnstorming Find

Nigel Hay’s round-up of the military vehicle market

Souma MGC 5 on route to MM Park Museum
Another barn find, this time a Vickers Utility Tractor Schlepper VA601B
A real ‘barn find’. An ex-Greek Army Jeep offered at £27,000

We hear a lot about ‘barn finds’ these days. It’s a term that is not always accurately used to describe a vehicle that has been stored and neglected for a period, but in reality, there are occasions where real barn finds still surface. Some readers may recall when RR Services imported about 150 Jeeps from the Greek army in the late 1980s.

These gave an enormous boost to the hobby and allowed many enthusiasts a way into Jeep ownership. The distinctive camouflage painted on by Greek national servicemen certainly wasn’t wanted at that time, so we don’t recall any being kept in that trim. Many of the Greek Jeeps had the special cut out windscreen for the recoilless rifle, and that too was dumped for a standard windscreen. Fast forward to May 2021 and RR Services found and re-purchased one of the Greek Jeeps that had been dry-stored for 40 years. Not only was it a surprising find, but the fact it was in pretty much the same condition as last seen was incredible.

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