During the 2022 Battle of the Bulge commemorations, Tim Gosling visited the large collection of armour and military vehicles held at the Bastogne Barracks

The immense Russian IS3 had a 122mm gun and front armour of 110 mm, making it very cramped for its three man crew
The 17pdr gun on the Sherman Firefly was at the time of Normandy the only tank which could take on a German Tiger or Panther

On December 20, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, the US 101st Airborne Division arrived in the Belgian town of Bastogne which it was directed to hold against the German onslaught. The acting Commander of the 101st was Brigadier General McAuliffe, who established his headquarters in the basement of a building within the Heintz military barracks. The town and the forces within endured a brutal siege which only ended when a spearhead of tanks from General Patton’s Third Army, led by a Sherman M4A3E2 named the Cobra King, broke through on December 26.

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