World War ll Wargames Rules

For fans of classic military vehicles, the World War Two miniature wargame Bolt Action could be a fantastic pastime

A wide range of fantastic Bolt Action starter sets are available

Growing up, I had a fascination with military history, particularly World War Two. Watching classics like A Bridge Too Far, or when I was a tad older, seeing harrowing depictions of combat in the form of Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers, made me want to learn more about the campaigns and theatres of conflict that spread across the globe. This was something that turned into an almost borderline obsession after having heard tales of bravery, bravado and battle from relatives who were there to witness these events in person.

Yet, one military history degree at university later, and countless hours spent researching World War Two, I still felt as if I had a rather large itch to scratch.

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