Border Clashes

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Callum Dickson tries out some of the armour available to Japan during World War Two

While the traditional battlefronts and anniversaries of World War Two are well known, one lesser covered armoured conflict around the same time was the border conflict between Japan and the Soviet Union in Khalkhin Gol, Mongolia.

The I-Go looks like a call back to the original tanks with some slight innovation, and it certainly drives like that

Here, both nations tested out their tanks, so for this issue I thought I’d look at some of the early game tanks available to Japan to see how they performed. Those that were mainly used in Japan’s Tank Corps at Khalkhin Gol were the Chi-Ha, Ha-Go and I-Go. Of these I focused on those most common in the War Thunder video game – the Chi-Ha and the I-Go. Here the I-Go is a lighter version of the tank that saw action, but still has the same 57mm gun it had in real life. Immediately I noted how slow and immovable these tanks were with their mobility more in line with a World War One tank.

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