Bren Gun Carrier

Bren Gun Carrier: Britain’s Universal War Machine

Publisher Pen and Sword Military

Author Robert Jackson

Year 2019

ISBN 9781526746436

Language English

Binding Softback

Pages 64

Size 29.5cm x 21cm

Price £16.99

It was one of the most versatile fighting vehicles in the British Army during World War Two and today is still sought after by many military vehicle collectors. The Universal Carrier, also known as the Bren Gun Carrier, was designed as a fast and agile infantry-support vehicle and would go on to become the most produced armoured fighting vehicle I n history with 113,000 built. It served in various theatres of the war including Europe, Africa and Russia and would see use in several conflicts during the 1950s.

Verdict: Author Robert Jackson has written more than 80 books on military, aviation and naval subjects. Here he traces the Universal Carrier’s design and manufacturing and using a selection of colour and black and white photographs shows it in action.