Dominion and government-in-exile forces during World War Two played a significant part in ensuring Britain’s survival and eventual victory

As this 13in x 8in British poster illustrates, by 1942, there were at least 32 countries in the war against the Axis, many with governments-in-exile and free forces based in Britain. Rare, £50

In the desperate days of 1940, battered and bruised, Britain had its back to the wall, awaiting a feared German invasion.

A famous David Low cartoon in the Evening Standard showed a defiant Tommy, fist raised, cursing Nazi bombers with the caption “Very well, alone”. At the time, it very much felt that this island was isolated, unaided and on its own. But was it?

Within a week of Britain’s declaration of war on September 3, 1939, all its main dominion countries had joined the fray.

However, thousands of miles away and with Imperial Japan looming , the majority of their forces remained at home.

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