The Chieftain

Craig Moore reports on a Chieftain Mk XI main battle tank belonging to military vehicle enthusiast Richard Hunt

Introduced in 1966 to replace the ageing FV4007 Centurion and FV214 Conqueror tank, the British FV4201 Chieftain tank was armed with the powerful 120mm L11 rifled gun and was the main battle tank of the United Kingdom for more than 17 years.

During the Cold War the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) in Germany was equipped with Chieftain tanks until the FV4030 Challenger 1 main battle tank started to replace the Chieftain in 1983. Military vehicle enthusiast Richard Hunt owns a Chieftain Mk XI main battle tank which is painted in a striking camouflage of dark, sandy yellow with green stripes and not the standard British Army dark green and black.

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