Jeep specialist Robert U’Ren look at the pros and cons of owning a World War Two Jeep versus a Hotchkiss

This is something I’m often asked by newcomers to our hobby and makes for an interesting debate. Using my observations and findings, and with respect for both options of Jeep, I have put together some of the pros and cons of owning a World War Two-era Jeep versus a Hotchkiss. They each have different good and bad points, so it’s not so much a question you need to ask about which Jeep is best, but rather which Jeep is best for you?

I have picked up a lot of info in the years I have been fixing them up and buying and selling them, but please don’t take it all as gospel as it is only from my own experience.

Firstly, I must say there is not much doubt that a surviving Willys or Ford World War Two Jeep comes with its undisputed provenance. It ticks most of the boxes, but if your intention is to use a Jeep quite a bit for events or summertime fun – running about to car shows, road runs etc – and you’re not too bothered about it having a World War Two history then maybe a French licence-built Willys Jeep could be the ideal choice for you. It’s also worth mentioning that Hotchkiss Jeeps are several thousand pounds cheaper on average than World War Two examples.

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