Collectable Books On the Shelf

A chance shop find of a 1969 comic temporarily turns John Carroll into a 'comic geek' as he recalls Commando comics and their drawings of military vehicles

In Sandown, IOW, on the counter of a shop full of ‘collectables’, was a pile of old Commando comics - officially ‘Commando War Stories in Pictures’. This sight instantly took me back more than five decades to buying them at the kiosks on the platform of Liverpool Central Station on the Merseyrail Underground.

Memories of the diminutive comics I used to spend my pocket money on came flooding back.

Almost at random, I picked one with a Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Chevy truck on the cover and, for less than the price of a pint, bought it for old times' sake.

I remembered that I used to have a big pile of Commando comics.

The drawings of the vehicles and soldiers’ kit compared favourably with Airfix models for accuracy and they told good tales so influenced me and channelled my interest in military history.

Wondering how much of this would still be true after half a century, I sat down with a cup of tea and Commando comic No377 ‘Terror Spot’ published in 1969 when it cost one shilling.

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