The Confidence Men


ONE OF the strangest tales of the First World War must be that of Lieutenant Elias ‘Harry’ Henry Jones of the Indian Army. He and his pal Cedric Waters Hill, a pilot of the Royal Flying Corps, used a Ouija Board and parapsychology to escape from a Turkish Prisoner of War camp.

Jones, a Welshman by birth, and Hill, from Queensland, Australia, were held captive in a remote place called Yozgad after the Turkish Ottoman Army seized the British garrison in Kut, south of Baghdad, in the spring of 1916.

Forced to walk thousands of miles, first to Aleppo in Syria and then on to the bleakness of Yozgad, Turkey, the resilient Jones began to cleverly plan his escape as soon as he arrived at the camp. How was escape possible without risking the lives of so many others? Out of the blue the artful Jones received a postcard from an aunt in England who suggested he use a ouija board to talk to spirits and help pass the long, bleak, boredom-filled hours at Yozgad.

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