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A British soldier carries a L7A2 GPMG over his shoulder. The legendary, long-serving machine gun owes its origins to a mix of World War icons

It’s fast action and famous faces this month, taking off with Andrew Thomas’s account of the RAF’s encounters with the Luftwaffe’s Me 163 Komet and He 162 Volksjäger. It may surprise you, but these unusual last-ditch fighters never met British jets – instead, it was the RAF’s Mustangs, Spitfires and Typhoons that had to bring them down. Find out how.

Dr Graham Goodland presents something a little different. His feature on prolific 20th Century author Nevil Shute rightly focuses on his engineering and wartime career, but he had a knack for effortlessly portraying the experience of war through fiction. Perhaps, then, his greatest achievement was informing those long after him of the harrowing realities of conflict, while simultaneously entertaining them. Graham makes the case.

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