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Kicking off with a bang! We are delighted be partnering with We Have Ways Fest. Watch this space… STUART BEATIE/WE HAVE WAYS FEST

Let’s kick off with some big news. I’m delighted to announce that Britain at War and Classic Military Vehicle magazines have teamed up with We Have Ways Fest, “the UK’s no.1 Second World War festival”.

I look for ward to working closely with podcast titans James Holland and Al Murray and we have some exciting projects ahead. Check out our competition (page 41) for your chance to win free weekend tickets to the event.

Now, a question: where do you think the line between genius and madness is? Is the difference simply success? Major-General Orde Wingate, who died 80 years ago this month, was a complex individual with strong beliefs and bizarre habits – and as many people lambast his eccentricities as praise his unorthodox approach. 

Wingate had his supporters and the ear of Winston Churchill, but also detractors among his peers. As you will discover in Allan George’s article, one field marshal believed Wingate was “mentally unbalanced”. Others push the idea of him as an audacious visionary. Equally, historians continue to debate the value of the Chindits as much as contemporary figures such as the Fourteenth Army’s commander, Field Marshal Bill Slim, and the diametrically opposed Sir Robert Thompson, a Chindit who later applied his craft designing counterinsurgency policy.

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