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Crippling Warspite

In the excellent article covering Admiral Vian (BAW, November 2021), the caption to the photograph showing HMS Warspite (page 74) mentions that she had been damaged by a Fritz X at Salerno.

During the Allied landings at Salerno in September 1943, Dornier 217Ks of III Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 100, mounted a number of devastating attacks on Allied shipping supporting the landings. This was a specialised anti-shipping unit and its Dorniers were equipped with the ‘Fritz X’, a 3,000lb guided glide bomb with a 710lb Amatol warhead.

On September 11, one such bomb struck the cruiser USS Savannah, penetrating her ‘C’ turret, causing major damage and killing 200 of the crew. A near miss by another Fritz X damaged the USS Philadelphia. Two days later, further attacks inadvertently sank the hospital ship Newfoundland. Other Dorniers hit and damaged the cruiser HMS Uganda and the destroyers HMS Loyal and HMS Nubian.

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