Forgotten sacrifices



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In the article The Lost Division/ BCFK by numbers (BAW, July 2023), one of the panels, entitled Rank 3 in losses, details the number of British and Commonwealth personnel killed during the Korean War. It states that the bloody conflict “claimed the lives of 2,035 BCFK (British Commonwealth Forces Korea) personnel, including 1,129 British”.

It goes on to add that this places Korea third highest in the ‘rankings’, for the want of a better word, of British service deaths in conflicts since World War Two – behind the Malayan Emergency and Northern Ireland. A terrible statistic, of course, but it got me thinking: what are Britain’s bloodiest conflicts after World War Two? So many of those actions will have been forgotten by the majority, so, macabre it may seem, it feels appropriate to make these facts known.

Additionally, I’ve often heard it said that 1968 is the only year since 1939 in which a British serviceman/woman has not been killed in action. Is that true?

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