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Callum Dickson tries his hand with a selection of American armoured vehicles

Following my hard work gaming last month, I decided to continue running with my American setup.

Now that I have unlocked the M10, sometimes known as the Wolverine, I thought it would be the perfect vehicle to start my next games with. This, with the M4A1 Sherman, standard M4 Sherman and M3A1 Stuart, would be a good balance, I thought – although I surmised that the Stuart would be widely obsolete in this line-up.

I was immediately deposited to the snowy reaches of Siberia and realised something unexpected about the M10 GMC – its engine was not very strong. It struggled with even basic slopes and often lost grip and slid down hills. This was quite disappointing, as I had hoped this vehicle would be faster and more powerful than the M3 GMC it had replaced. Even when in the firing range, I was shocked to discover that most of my shells ricocheted before their response salvo knocked me out.

I think this is possibly the first of the vehicles I’ve unlocked that I didn’t immediately get excited about using. It was sluggish, weaker than expected, and even at a severe risk of air attack due to its open turret. This would happen every few games with the M10. For example, in the

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