As the fourth year of the war comes to a close, American troops and naval assets continue to grow in strength and a major British and Dominion victory in the Middle East offers a key strategic advantage. At a glance, the progress of the war looks positive for the Allies. However, with the withdrawal of Russia and Romania from the conflict, a certainly favourable circumstance for the Central Powers, the war drags into 1918 and is still entirely undecided.


5 December: A major air raid over Kent and London sees 16 Gotha bombers and 2 Giants attack. Six attackers drop their bombs over London, with others targeting Sheerness, Margate, Ramsgate, and Dover. The majority of the munitions dropped are incendiary devices and 8 are killed with close to 30 injured. However, losses amongst the German aircraft are heavy. One Gotha crashes at Rochford, Essex, with another crashing near Canterbury. Two are lost on landing, with two crashing in Belgium. One aircraft goes missing having failed to return.

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