First World War Military Postcards

The humble postcard of the First World War provides fascinating glimpses into life during the conflict and is also a worthwhile collectable which often serves to reveal interesting aspects of military history. Mark Khan gives an insight into the story of the military postcard of 1914 - 1918.

Postmarked 1 August 1912, this card was sent by Pte Jack Hill of the OTC from Tidworth. This poignant image shows the generation who would fight in the Great War, most likely as officers.
The camp canteen - ‘Miss Perks Home’ - at Bulford Camp. A row of postcards for sale can be seen on the back wall. On the back of this card is written: ‘The things here are cheap and the people are very nice.’

The First World War postcard provided a medium of communication that could perhaps be compared to the use of digital technology today and often contained what one might consider generically, and broadly, very similar messages or sentiments. They provided an efficient way to send a short message combined with an image, coming into being in Britain during the late 19th century when the facility of sending mails via The Post Office was introduced. Early versions were plain, or featured various forms of advertising and illustrated cards had limited subject content which were often scenic views.

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