Callum Dickson jumped into action to test the mighty Panzerkampfwagen VI

A lone Tiger in its natural habitat, stalking its prey

Last month I spent most of my time earning the right to play with one of the most iconic military vehicles of all time: the German Panzerkampfwagen VI, better known as the Tiger. Having unlocked it, I knew this month would be devoted to testing the mighty vehicle and seeing if it lived up to all of the fanfare. Before we get into the gameplay, it is worth commenting on how War Thunder recreates this titan of the German war industry.

The game engine and graphics capture not only the distinct shape of the Tiger I, but also the weighty design of the vehicle, which in some ways is both clunky and unforgettable. On top of this, the sound design plays an important role in making this behemoth feel real, recreating the roar of the engine, the grinding of the gears and the intense thud of the 88mm gun so feared by Allied troops.

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