Kevin Carroll, community affairs director, Museum of American Armor, discusses how 21st Century technology is ensuring a new generation knows of 20th Century valour

Like so many kids growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, I was weaned on World War Two history by my navy veteran dad, countless TV episodes of Combat, and hours of building olive drab models from the likes of Revell and Monogram.

To enhance my historical knowledge on the war, my school friends and I spent many hours in the woods (aka the neighbourhood vacant lot) hurling ‘dirt bombs’ at imaginary enemy soldiers, because, after all, everybody wanted to be Sgt Saunders, but nobody wanted to be the dreaded ‘Jerry’.

Fast forward to 2015. My interest in World War Two and armoured vehicles had never waned and was enhanced and focused through regular research by reading and museum visits.

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