The Golden Age of Polski Fiat

Poland turned to Fiat in the 1930s to produce vehicles for the military with only a handful of restored or replica vehicles still around today

The only Polski Fiat 621 truck replica crossing a river during a re-enactment event in Poland
Many PF 621 trucks were used in engineers’ units towing pontoon bridge elements, heavy power generators, antiaircraft searchlights, sound locators or various equipment trailers

When Poland was officially ‘reborn’ on November 11, 1918, after 123 years of partitions, the country consisted of three different organisms with separate law systems, currencies, local authorities and even differentiated railway track gauges and directions of car travel.

Being worn out by World War One, with fronts rolling a couple of times onto Polish soil, the country faced many challenges. Long after peace was celebrated in Western Europe, the young state needed to fight to shape its borders.

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