Hauling Guns for the Dual Monarchy

Ferdinand Porsche and his Austro Daimler Works at Wiener Neustadt were a vital supplier of powerful artillery tugs to the Austro-Hungarian military in partnership with mortar maker Skoda

In front of one of the works billets at Austro Daimler in 1917 an M 17 ‘Goliath’ towed a Skoda M 11 305mm mortar. Cleated wheels gave it traction to reach speeds of up to 9mph

In mid-1902, Germany’s armed forces staged their annual manoeuvres. Their nation having pioneered horseless carriages, thanks to Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, Germany’s general staff officers took pride in rolling entirely on wheels - bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles. Exploiting a new age of motive power, Germany greeted the new century with a wholehearted commitment to the motorisation of its military.

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