Hotrod Jeep

Robert U’Ren from Willys Jeep UK shares some of his helpful fixes and tips on buying, selling, repairing and recommissioning World War Two and Hotchkiss Jeeps

Many military and post-war Jeeps have been modified to make them more userfriendly for modern day driving. I have often had Jeeps with various upgrades done, and the latest I have been working on is based on a Willys M38.

The M38 flat fender Jeeps were often regarded as the best flat fender Jeep that Willys ever made. I still think the little World War Two and Hotchkiss Jeeps can’t be beaten in the looks department, but the M38 is a close second. Mechanically, even in standard form, it is streets ahead, with easily removable brake drums, detachable centre floor pan for access to gearbox and bell housing, stronger axles and gearbox, bigger tyres and very soft comfy seats.

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