Afghanistan, early 2000s, and members of the SBS await the ‘go’. Before long, one of the world’s most dangerous men would be dead. This was Operation Tetris, just one of many such missions aimed at crippling the Taliban. It was an unknown mission, until the circumstances of this daring raid were revealed in The Hunt.

Author Andy McNab sat down with the BAW team to talk about his new book and the special forces.

BAW: What drew you to write about Operation Tetris?

AM: The world's focus was on Iraq, and the SBS were conducting some great work in Afghanistan. Also, Tetris was such a significant success.

BAW: Your description of the book’s antagonist, Mullah Dadullah, details an unsavoury senior insurgent responsible for many atrocities. How did his elimination change the situation?

AM: All military leaders get replaced once they become a casualty. Then the new commander becomes the next target. It is perhaps fair to say that not much changed in the battlespace as the Taliban's core aims didn’t… except for one significant detail. There was no longer any aspiration to take the fight to Europe and the US – exactly as Dadullah wanted.

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