Hunt for £4.5bn of Gold on British War Wrecks

700 Vessels Potentially Investigable – Significant Ships of Loss Excluded

GOLD, AS much as £4.5bn worth, could potentially be raised after researchers have spent the last quarter of a century tracking wartime shipments, deciphering wartime codes, and scouring the archives.

Across both world wars, 7,500 British merchant ships were sunk in the Atlantic. However, as many as 700 may have been lost transporting secret shipments of gold and other precious materials, reveals the database constructed by the researchers. The group have used sources available to them, including Bank of England and British Government records and other archived materials to painstakingly pinpoint the possible locations of these lost bullion ships.

The organisation, Britannia’s Gold Ltd, state: “From our vast research database, we have access to invaluable information such as cargoes, wreck locations, water depths and legal ownerships… The circumstances of the sinking and location of the wrecks are often further confirmed by inquest documentation and survivor accounts.”

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