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Callum Dickson fights his way to unlocking a feared weapon of war – the Tiger I

An iconic piece of World War Two hardware

Last month I used some of the more interesting vehicles that will be spotlighted at Tankfest. This time my main aim was to unlock one of World War Two’s most iconic and feared vehicles, the Panzerkampfwagen VI, more commonly known as the Tiger I. What spurred this decision was both my love for this vehicle’s design, even though its actual effectiveness is heavily debated, but also so I could have it ready for a full deep dive for Tiger Day in September. Consequently, I spent most of this month focusing on unlocking German armour once again.

One major change I noticed immediately was the varied range of maps. In my first game, I went somewhere far out of the comfort zone of any self-respecting German tanker – the jungles of Vietnam. This map immediately brought up new issues for my Marder III and Stug IV, as the thick jungle meant outflanking was incredibly easy for faster enemy tanks. It will come as no surprise that I was knocked out by vehicles that appeared in Vietnam in real life, such as junglecamouflaged M24 Chaffees which appeared out of nowhere and vanished just as quickly. The Panzer IV had more success, being able to quickly adjust to target enemies on my flanks. However, its slower turret rotation speed and weaker armour meant latter-stage American tank destroyers had a field day.

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