Robert U’Ren of Willys Jeep UK shares some of his helpful fixes and tips on buying, selling, repairing and recommissioning World War Two and Hotchkiss Jeeps

An unknown steering box adapted to fit... can you spot the many other alterations shown in this picture?

When looking on the internet at Jeeps for sale, I noticed that, particularly in India, some very improvised repairs and modifications are carried out to keep the wheels turning. There seems to be a massive number of old Jeeps running about in India, still being used as ever yday transports. Most of them appear to have been modified over the years with modern mechanicals transplanted when the original parts have worn out. I guess engines and gearboxes from later cars are easy to find, cheap to buy and more economical. Keeping a Jeep original doesn’t seem to be cost-effective in all countries, however.

Some of these Frankenstein Jeeps find their way across the water to the UK and you need to be aware of them if you’re in the market for a Jeep. On some examples, the alterations and repairs are not done well enough to make them safe to use on public roads, so some serious re-welding, strengthening and fabrication work is required. But I should congratulate the skill shown with some of the better mechanical alterations that are done on a small budget often outdoors in the street while cars have been driven past.

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