Jeep prices DROP

Military Vehicle Market

Nigel Hay’s round-up of the military vehicle market

Whether it is due to the political chaos experienced in the past six months or down to the rising fuel prices and cost of living, asking prices for Jeeps have recently come down to more affordable levels. We have not seen any advert for upwards of £30,000 for ‘fresh to market vehicles’, but we have seen turnkey wartime Jeeps offered between £21,000 and £28,000.

This makes them more affordable to the average enthusiast, many of who felt they were being priced out of the market. Certainly, this has helped achieve rapid sales, many near to the asking price.

Whatever happens in the military vehicle world, people will always want Jeeps and just when we think the market is drying up, along come some more.

With most of the restorable DUKWs now in sensible hands, it was a surprise to see Eden Camp Modern History Museum offer a project at £20,000. Ex-British Army, it appears to be complete but will require full restoration.

With Normandy 2024 less than two years away, whoever buys it will need to get cracking straight away if they want to join the flotilla on June 6.

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