Junkers Ju 87 STUKA Owners’ Workshop Manual

Publisher: Haynes Publishing www.haynes.com ISBN: 978-1-78521-141-6 Hardback: 188 pages RRP: £22.00


The Britain at War team scout out the latest items of interest

THE JUNKERS 87 Stuka remains one of the most recognisable weapons of the Second World War. Even today, it has the ability to send a chill down the spine – especially when one recalls the many pieces of wartime footage showing the aircraft in its screaming and death-delivering dive. No wonder, then, that it continues to fascinate those with an interest in the air war of 1939–45. It is an interest level which is also reflected in the reception from readers of Britain at War whenever wecover topics which involve this aircraft type. It was inevitable, then, that Haynes would ultimately add this aircraft to its acclaimed ‘Owners’ Workshop Manual’ series. As ever, the publishers deliver the goods with yet another brilliant title put together by Jonathan Falconer.

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