Loose or stiff gear changing

Robert U’Ren from Willys Jeep UK shares some of his helpful fixes and tips on buying, selling, repairing and recommissioning World War Two and Hotchkiss Jeeps

Robert U’Ren is a self-taught mechanic with more than 40 years of experience working on everything from vintage motorbikes to combine harvesters. His passion is military Jeeps, which he has bought, sold, and restored since 2014

The gearboxes on these old military Jeeps are very basic. After 50+ years the selector springs can suffer metal fatigue and break up, or lose their flex, and the gear selection can become loose.

The replacement selector springs are very cheap to buy but fitting them on a World War Two-type gearbox is another story. It’s a lot of work as the gearbox has to be removed.

However, if you have one of the later post-war Jeeps like the CJ2, M38 and CJ3B, these Jeeps have an improved selector design so replacing the selector springs is relatively easy.

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