Lysander Makes First Flight

ARC’s magnificent Lysander, which was reflown at Duxford.

WESTLAND LYSANDER IIIA V9312 (G-CCOM) made a triumphant return to the air from Duxford on 28 August, following a lengthy rebuild.

This machine was delivered to the RAF in late 1940, serving with 4, 225 and 612 Squadrons. It was later converted to TT.IIIA target-tug status and then joined the RCAF in 1942. It last flew with the military on 30 December 1944 and was struck off charge on 1 October 1946.

It passed through the hands of several private owners in Canada and the USA before being taken on by the Aircraft Restoration Company in late 2002. A team of the company’s engineers travelled to Florida in April 2003 and packed up the airframe ready for its return to the UK after 60-plus years abroad. Upon arrival at Duxford, V9312 was unloaded into the ARC hangar and laid out for a survey and the cataloguing of parts.

The work slowly progressed over the years, and by early August this year the project was rolled out for engine tests. These were successfully performed on 8/9 August. This ‘Lizzy’ has been finished in 225 Squadron markings.