M16 Half-Track


Publisher Kagero

Author Mariusz Motyka

Year 2020

ISBN 9788366148758

Language English

Binding Softback

Pages 24

Size 29.7cm x 21cm

Price £16


Popular with classic military vehicle collectors and modellers today, the M16 Half-Track was a World War Two-era vehicle that came in different variants of self-propelled guns. Mariusz Motyka has produced a series of detailed drawings of the vehicle in his 24-page, paperback book, M16 Half-Track. An opening page introduction in English and Polish gives a ‘brief’ background to the vehicle, followed by several black and white, A4 design-style drawings which go into greater and greater detail on the various aspects of the half-track.

Verdict: This is a detailed reference source for military historians, modellers and classic military vehicle restorers.