Made to Last

Craig Allen on the usefulness of the Wolf Land Rover

Combat camping out of a Wolf 110 while covering one of the Joint Warrior exercises
Surprising what you can cram into the back of a Long Wheelbase, note the heating elements fitted to this vehicle

Land Rovers have a long and distinguished history with the British military, though sadly it now appears the Wolf or Defender XD series will be the last to serve with the colours.

Despite the adoption of a number of more heavily protected vehicles in recent years, the Wolf continues to soldier on in the utility role and will do so for many years to come.

The Wolf 90 however has been disposed of in significant numbers as it is incompatible with the latest Bowman radio fit. A number of other measures have been adopted to extend the service life of the remaining fleet. This includes the use of hire vehicles for day-to-day tasks and liaison duties.

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