Misbehaving Hotchkiss

Robert U’Ren shares some of his helpful fixes and tips on buying, selling, repairing and recommissioning World War Two and Hotchkiss Jeeps

As soon as the seller took me for a drive in his beautifully restored Hotchkiss M201 Jeep, I was aware of a slight misfire when coasting as well as a little spitting and misfire on idle. It seemed to clear itself immediately when under acceleration, so I didn’t think it could be too serious.

When I got the Jeep back to my workshop and started to investigate, it turned out to be a real head scratcher. A simple misfire can be caused by so many different problems, so I tend to check or replace the most predictable causes one at a time until the fault is found. I started by checking the tappet clearance in case a gap had closed up, preventing a valve from closing, but no faults were found there.

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