Modelling and Painting: World War Two US Figures and Vehicles


Publisher The Crowood Press

Author Ray Haskins

Year 2020

ISBN 9781785007156

Language English

Binding Softback

Pages 128

Size 24.6cm x 18.9cm

Price £16.99

The book covers the modelling and painting of US armed forces in the Pacific, on D-Day and during the liberation of Europe in 1/35, 1/56, 1/72 and 1/76 scales. Historical overviews set the scene followed by detailed step-by-step modelling and painting guides for the creation of accurate and realistic models. With more than 250 colour photographs, the book includes the following models: Personnel: infantryman, paratrooper, Ranger, Marine, airmen, combat engineers, tank crew and General George S Patton. Weapons: small arms and artillery. Vehicles: tanks, half-tracks, tank destroyers, Jeeps, armoured cars and more.

Verdict: This is a comprehensive guide from author Ray Haskins who received his first model Airfix kit when he was five years old. This sparked not only a life-long hobby, but also his career, in modelling and painting figures and vehicles.