Adrian Scott’s M4A1 Sherman tank has a fascinating history of modification and development, writes Craig Moore

This interesting tank has been admired at numerous military vehicle events and road convoys. I have been lucky enough to have sat in the co-driver position in Adrian Scott’s Sherman M4A1 tank as it sped around the arena at the Capel Military Show and what I find fascinating about this tank is its history. Not necessarily its operational history, as the details of that are not fully known, but its development and modification history; modifications designed to meet the requirements of the ever changing battlefields into which it was deployed.

Adrian’s first military vehicle was an M5A1 half-track, obtained in 2004. He then sold that to buy an M4 High-Speed Tractor, which was later swapped for an M24 Chaffee light tank project from Holland – which is now in a Danish Museum. The next ‘big toy’ was a fully restored M10 tank destroyer, purchased from Carl Brown. He eventually sold that to buy the M51 Sherman.

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