Motor Gun Mayhem

The Gamer

Having spent much of my time last month working through unlocking the M3 gun motor carriage, I decided to focus my time on clarifying the differences between a motor gun carriage when compared, not just to tanks, but also traditional assault guns.

For most of this, I played with the M3 equipped as my main vehicle with my backup being the M3A1 Stuart.

During World War Two, the need for tank destroyers was made abundantly clear after Germany steamrolled through France in 1940. To combat this, the Americans combined the M3 half-track with the M-1897A4 75mm gun to create the M3 gun motor carriage, of which 2,203 were produced throughout the war.

For the first few games I played the M3, but this was not in territory that aligned with its strengths – that being built up urban industrial areas.

For these areas, I was unable to effectively use the vehicle's 75mm gun and found myself regularly outflanked by faster and more manoeuvrable enemy vehicles.

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