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arvik 1940

Author David Greentree

Publisher Osprey

Year 2022

ISBN 9781472849106

Language English

Binding Paperback, eBook

Pages 96

Size 18.42 x 1.02 x 24.64cm

Price £15.99

Norway was a critical battlefield early in the war as the Allies and Axis fought for control of the key iron port of Narvik. The battle for this port would have widespread effects on the capabilities of each nation to control access to the iron-rich trade from Sweden. Using full battle scenes and illustrations the reader gets the full picture as to how this was eventually decided.

Verdict: An in-depth and clear examination of a very confusing and complicated campaign.

Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960-75

Author Stephen Zaloga

Publisher Osprey

Year 2022

ISBN 9781472843296

Language English

Binding Paperback, eBook

Pages 48

Size 18.67 x 8.51 x 24.77cm

Price £11.99

On either side of the iron curtain, tank development became of critical importance with the development of HEAT ammunition, anti-tank missiles and composite armour. This book delves into the technological advances which necessitated these changes with images and other information to support them.

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