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Author Thomas Anderson

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

Year 2023

ISBN 978-1-47285-5-022

Language English

Binding Hardback

Pages 288

Size 19.8 x 25cm

Price £35

Throughout history, reconnaissance assets have been used on the battlefield to gain an advantage over the enemy. As the nature of warfare changed, so did the character of reconnaissance – these units taking on increasingly vital roles to determine the size, location and strength of enemy forces. During World War Two, the German Army’s Aufklärungsabteilung (reconnaissance detachments) were essential to the success behind many of its earlier Blitzkrieg victories.

In Andrew Thomas’s latest book, the story of German reconnaissance troops is told in meticulous detail. Beginning with a thorough coverage of the history of reconnaissance in the German army, Thomas goes on to provide a breakdown of the different types of armoured reconnaissance vehicles in use, before detailing the structure of specific battalions and the roles they played. Alongside a vast array of previously unseen archival images, the full campaign history of these units is told from the invasion of Poland to the collapse of the Third Reich.

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