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German Tanks in France 1940: Armor in the Wehrmacht’s Greatest Blitzkrieg Victory

Author: Steven J Zaloga

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

ISBN: 9781472859440

Language: English

Binding: Softback & eBook

Pages: 48

Size: 24.8cm x 18.4cm Price: £12.99 (£7.07 eBook)

Osprey Publishing’s latest volume in the New Vanguard series is a deep dive into the Wehrmacht’s ‘Blitzkrieg’ armoured forces in France in 1940. Renowned armour expert Steven J Zaloga provides a comprehensive assessment of the force, detailing how, contrary to popular belief, it was not the technical ability of the tanks that made the German victory possible, but rather the strategy employed.

Zaloga opens his work with a thorough explanation of the tactics used by the famed Panzer divisions and provides a breakdown of their organisation.

He goes on to detail the specifications and technical details of the main tanks used by the Germans at the time, before analysing their combat effectiveness.

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