New Jeep buyers emerge

Military Vehicle Market

Nigel Hay’s round-up of the classic military vehicle world

The price of Jeeps continues to rise, and we have had many successful sales of wartime examples at more than £30,000 throughout the autumn. Interestingly, a new genre of Jeep owner is buying into the hobby.

These are not established military vehicle enthusiasts, but classic car collectors who fancy something different to the shiny, polished and cosseted cars they know well. Classic car dealers are quick to react to this and the highest offering we found was at £50,000 for a reasonable but not exceptional Willys MB.

Some buyers will pay premium money for vehicles that most Jeep collectors would deem are not for the purist. However, it will not detract from the fact that they will have fun and some will inevitably get immersed in our hobby.

One could argue that at these high prices Jeeps are not good investments unless they continue to rise at the same rate, but right now the market is as high as it can be.

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